Producst and services


Canary Productions is known for its vast experience, logistic and creative skills, and for successfully producing films, commercials, music videos, photo shoots, stills,TV, reality shows, documentaries, etc.

Advertisements / Commercials

Commercials are one of our most important asset. We work on them all year round, due to the great weather the Canary Islands offer. A great variety of brands have already benefit from our services such as Lamborghini, Suzuki, M Missoni, Sony, Samsung, National Geographic.

Photo & Fashion

Photo shoots are our specialité. At Canary Productions we work with the best photographers, models and stylists and of course in any size and shape. Check our photo projects!

Television & Reality Shows / Documentaries

In Canary Productions we produce reality shows, documentaries , news, TV shows, series, TV specials. Don’t miss Calzedonia’s Ocean Girls.

Films & Movies

Canary Productions has worked on a large variety of feature films and blockbusters movies. Either American, European, Spanish or a Canarian production, everything has a place at Canary Productions.

We have enjoyed a wide and varied list of productions of all kind like Fast & Furious 6, Stranger Within or Montevideo. And we are always up for more!

Music Videos / Videoclips

At Canary Productions we enjoy working on music videos. It is always fun to work with music, musicians and dancers like the music video we did for the singer María Mena.