Films & Movies


Canary Productions has worked on a large variety of feature films and blockbusters movies. Either American, European, Spanish or a Canarian production, they all have a place at Canary Productions cinephile hearts. We just like movies, of many different kinds.

More and more productions want to film in the Canary Islands these years, and we’re always here to help you! That’s because we can offer a huge variety of locations, which makes it possible to shoot a whole film completely in the Canary Islands, and because of the best incentives in the world at the moment. The islands offer a set of tax allowances which are successfully applied to film production. The tax credit goes up to 45-40% tax, and there is also a 20% tax rebate.

We have enjoyed a wide and varied list of productions of all kinds such as Fast & Furious 6, Stranger Within or Montevideo. And we are always ready for more!