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    All Information received wil be treated as confidential and share only on a need to know basis with the Canary Productions team.

    Privacy Policy

    In compliance with Spanish legislation protecting data of a personal nature (Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 diciembre), we inform you that the personal data you provide will be incorporated into an automated file which is porperty of Canary Productions, who as responsible party for that file, will make exclusive use of the data in order to provide you with personalized service and maintain you informed about news and offers rekated to the same. We do not distribute data to third parties. We also inform you of your right to access, rectify and cancel your personal data by writing to: Canary Productions, Av. Chayofita 15, 12, 38650 Los Crisitanos, S/C Tenerife, Spain.

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    How we quote

    Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive and well thought through quote, though at quoting stage the amounts are estimated only and relate to your brief and scripts supplied. We rely on you to give us important quoting information in order for us to address your needs realistically. We may not be able to anticipate the Director’s specific needs, particularly in terms of art department and equipment prior to being exposed to an approved treatment. Our experience shows us that only once the Director has approved the locations and briefed in details for the scenes can we actually judge the cost impact on his/her specific needs, something that can affect your actual costs.

    Our production service fee

    We charge a 15% service fee. Should figures in the final recon increase, the service fee value (not percentage!) will increase. Should figures decrease in the final recon, the service value will decrease.

    Our production insurance fee

    Our production insurance is charged at 1-1.5% and covers negative all risk, personal accident for local crew, props, wardrobe, locations and public liability. An additional percentage is reflected on the equipment pages too. Our insurance excludes, stunt insurance and non-performance for talent and animals. It also excludes weather insurance. Talent Non-Appearance (for illness) can be arranged at an additional fee. Doctor’s certificates provided. All international contingents (including international talent) insurance should be included in your budget.

    Confirming a job with us

    When you decide to confirm your production with us, we’ll require you to sign our production service contract.

    How we work with your budget

    Our ultimate aim is to try and stay within the original signed off figure. We move money around within the budget to cover the job requirements as best we can before we consider it being an ‘extra charge’. The same principle is applied to any newly introduced item, whether related to a change of brief or client request. We again will attempt to absorb it within the budgeted figure before adding it as an extra charge. If we cannot absorb the amount, we will discuss the additional expense with you and secure your approval before incurring the cost.

    Our payment terms

    On confirmation of your job, we submit invoices for the 1st 50% and 2nd 40% of the signed off quote amount. Our 1st 50% is due on confirmation and 10 days prior to the first shoot day, and the 2nd 40% is due three days prior to filming. On sign off of our final reconciliation(and usually before the clients leave the Islands), the final 10% invoice will be presented, and be due for payment within 48 hours of its submission to you. Should any additional costs have been incurred and approved by you, these will be included in the final invoice. All payments must be received in EUR. Client will be liable for any differences or charges arising from foreign currency payments. IBAN: ES5121001521570200402550. SWIFT/BIC/Sort code/Routing number: CAIXESBBXXX. Payee: CANARY ISLANDS PRODUCTIONS SL

    If receipts of all expenses will be required at the end of the shoot, that´ll be an extra cost of 2% of the total quote.

    Talents fees and overtime

    Talent work an 11-hour day, plus 1 hour for meal times (as per crew below). Thereafter they charge time and a half for any additional hours worked.

    Children on set

    We require adhering strictly to permitted working hours for children on set. A child can be infront of camera for a total of 4 hours, and on set for no longer than 8 hours. We are required to obtain a work permit for the children prior to filming. This process takes at least 48 hours. A childminder is required on set.

    Crew fees, overtime and cancellation

    When quoting crew fees, we prioritise professionals and individuals who we trust and who, in our experience, can deliver at the highest level, thus benefiting your shoot. Crew work a 11-hour day, plus 1 hour for meal times. 30 minutes are reserved for breakfast and 60 minutes for lunch, negotiable with the crew. Meals must be served every 6 hours(an up to one hour postpone is negotiable with the crew). Overtime is charged at time and a half of the crew’s daily rate for any additional hours worked. The day starts once the crew leaves the South/Santa Cruz/Las Palmas area (depending on the location). The day ends once the crew reaches the South/Santa Cruz/Las Palmas area (depending on the location). Crew must receive 11 hours from wrap to the following day’s call time. If this is not achieved, the hours eroded will be charged a time and a half, just like overtime.

    Night and Sunday shoots double time

    Any shoot day that has a call time after 15h00 is considered a night shoot, for which the crew charges 20% more. All Sunday shoots are charged at double time (200% of the normal salary).

    Weather day

    The weather day cost provided at quoting stage is only an indication. We will supply you with a more specific quote once all items are in place. Should you incur a weather day, you’ll be expected to sign the summary page and agree to our weather day payment terms (90% of invoice costs immediately payable and final 10% on receipt of recon). The Weather Days´ payment to Canary Productions cannot be subject to delays. Please note that although we do our best to hold the same crew and talent on a pencil for the weather day, we can stand to lose them should another company wish to confirm them during the production process.

    Costs for your budget

    All travel (including travel day fees), accommodation (unless quoted), per diems and international contingent fees are to be included in your budget. Please do not hesitate to ask us any other question, that will assist you with understanding how shooting in the Canary Islands works, and specifically with Canary Productions. Always happy to help. Looking forward to working with you.